WIPVaC-Apex Executive Summary

The Apex Body of Women in Poultry Value Chain also known as WIPVaC-Apex is an umbrella Organization that seeks to bring together all women involved in the poultry value chain for common interests. It also seeks to address the specific concerns of women in the poultry value chain.

Since its inception on 28th April 2017, the Apex Body of Women in Poultry Value Chain ( WIPVaC-Apex ) has taken giant strides towards bringing all women along the poultry value chain together. Currently, WIPVaC-Apex has launched some chapters and inaugurated some Executive boards. The Association has indeed become an umbrella for the women along the value chain which includes women aggregators of maize and Soya, women suppliers of day old Chicks, women who deal in poultry inputs such as fishmeal, concentrates, poultry drugs and poultry feed, the women poultry farmers, egg sellers and distributors of  local Chicken, guinea fowl and chicken products

As part of its objectives for the year, the Apex Body of Women in Poultry Value Chain ( WIPVaC-Apex ) embarked on various sensitization programs via various media andin schools, markets, and among fishermen,where they promoted Egg consumption. Apart from educating people about egg consumption, the Association also distributed free eggs in the places visited. SDG three pushes for good health and well-being for people of all ages and this what WIPVaC-Apex sought to achieve by organizing sensitization programs where the consumption of eggs were promoted.

The Apex Body of Women in Poultry Value Chain ( WIPVaC-Apex ) has also been represented on various platforms including the Ghana Nutrition Summit, USAID Financing Ghanaian Agriculture Project (USAID FinGap) Summit On WomenIn Agriculture Development, Ministry of Food and Agriculture Multi Sectorial Consultative Workshop On Meat Inspection Regulations, 2017 among others.

Through the support of AMPLIFIES project and other organizations and thededication and commitment of both members and executives, the Association has achieved targets including Registration of the Association with the Registrar General’s Department, opening of a Bank Account Drafting a constitution for the Association and launching … chapters of the Association.

In the execution of duties and the achievement of objectives, the following setbacks presented themselves; opposition from some men in the poultry industry, unwillingness to cooperate on the part of some lead members of some association and financial constraints.

The Association hopes to achieve more in the coming year.