Key Accomplishments & Challenges

Since the Association was formed on 28th April, 2017, the following achievements have been made;


  • Registration of Association with the Registrar General’s Department.
  • Opening of bank Account
  • Revised Constitution
  • Representation in all sixteen (16) regions of Ghana
  • Led the implementation of Pullet Outgrower project funded by USDA –Ghana Poultry Project (GPP)
  • Led an advocacy action on “ ECOWAS Veterinary Pharmaceutical Protocol”
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities through:
  1. donation to female prisons and maternity wards in Ghana to mark International Women’s Day
  2. donation to Accra Psychiatric Hospital and Pantang Hospital to mark World Egg Day
  • Economic empowerment of members through Entrepreneurship Savings and Loans Group (ESLG) scheme.
  • Sensitization on Egg Pictorial Standard
  • Technical support through husbandry and biosecurity training.
  • Sensitization on Biosecurity Certification Program
  • Organization of Annual General meeting
  • Participation in National Farmer’s Day Celebration (yearly) and receiving awards at both National and District level.
  • Strategy to mitigate feed challenges through the setup of WIPVaC Maize farm project which is currently in progress
  • Strategy to mitigate egg glut

In the execution of duties and the achievement of objectives, the following setbacks presented themselves;

  • Financial constraints
  • Low literacy level of the some of the members of the Association hence need for more capacity building
  • High cost of feed leading to low profit
  • Difficulty in accessing capital to  expand business
  • Yet to acquire a permanent office where we can also use to showcase our products