Sensitization Message





  • Chicken eggs have been part of human diet in all cultures since the arrival of humans on earth.
  • Eggs are one of the most nutritious food items. Its ability to sustain the embryo till hatched is a testimony to this fact


Health Benefits

The egg has so many benefits because it contains a lot of food nutrients. Some of the benefits are:

  • Supports growth (protein)
  • Supports maintenance of worn out body tissues
  • Protects body against infections(selenium)
  • Slows the aging process (selenium)
  • Provides eye health (Lutein &Zeazanthin)
  • Strengthens the bones and teeth (Calcium &Vit D)
  • Helps brain development and function
  • Boosts memory in children and adult
  • Contributes to a healthy hair, nails and skin (biotin)
  • High satiety vale that could help people with overweight or obesity


Benefits of egg in our traditional set-up              

  • Reward for children who excel or do something praise-worthy.
  • Food for someone who is mourning or one who has to abstain from having full meals without performing fasting rituals. This is made possible because of its satiety value.


Factors that limit consumption of eggs among the general public & suggestions

  • Eggs are relatively more economical compared with other protein foods
  • However, the relatively large family sizes of Ghanaian households limit the number of eggs for each member of the household.
  • Poultry farmers should identify and apply new safe technologies to cut down cost of production.
  • Households should intensify efforts at keeping chicken for their eggs.


Principles of holistic health

  • Egg consumption should be done within the context of the principles of healthy lifestyles and nutrition, including;
  • Moderate intake of fat, meat, sugary foods/drinks, salt
  • Regular consumption of fruits
  • Consumption of whole grain products
  • Moderate or no alcohol intake
  • No smoking
  • Regular exercise



  • Generally, consumption of an egg a day is advised
  • People who have been asked by qualified health professional to stay off any food including eggs, must stick to professional advice.



  • Eggs have been eaten in all cultures since life began.
  • Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods.
  • Aside health, eggs have traditional roles.
  • For the general public, it is recommended that one eats an egg a day.
  • Respect advice from qualifies health professionals concerning any restrictions on food or drink.

For maximum benefit, consumption of eggs must be done in addition to observing the principles of healthy nutrition and lifestyle

Other Media


For a wider coverage of the egg consumption promotion and demystification message, the WIPVaC-Apex team was invited for a breakfast morning show on Ghana Broadcasting Corporation’s regional FM station in Cape-Coast, Radio Central – 92.5MHz.

This show featured Mrs. Victoria Norgbey (National President of WIPVaC-Apex), Madam Elizabeth Nkrumah (National Organizer of WIPVaC-Apex and National President of the Egg-Sellers Association) and Mr. Seth Brako (Nutritionist from the Ghana Health Service). Below were some key points publicized on the show;

  • An egg is a complete protein (meal) in itself.
  • Egg protein serves as a reference protein for the others.
  • Egg contains selenium which protects the egg from the body from all kinds of diseases.
  • Women are key in good health.
  • The need to correct the misconception that fathers being the heads receive the best part of protein be it fish, meat, egg etc.
  • The egg is cheap as compared to other sources of protein.
  • In Ghana, the egg plays a key role in our cultural context. It is given to children on their birthdays, when they complete a level of education, when a girl experiences her menarche, during puberty rights, brides on their wedding day etc.
  • Even though the egg is nutritional and good for consumption, it should be taken in moderation, i.e. once a day for children.


Egg Promotion Visual Aids

In order to provide additional information, reinforce key points and stimulate interest in the egg promotion, tools like Handbills, Roll-up banners were used. The handbills were distributed in the places visited while the roll-out banners were displayed at vantage points in the Conference hall during the inauguration. They had catchy phrases like “EGG-CITE YOUR DAY, EAT EGGS, GROW WELL, EGGS ARE A NUTRITIONAL POWER-HOUSE. YOU CAN EAT THE ENTIRE EGG.

Egg Promotion Song

Another medium which was employed to publicize the essence of egg-eating was the composition of a song which was done by Mr. Seth Brako, Chief Technical Nutrition Officer of the Ghana Health Service.

This song was sang on air, in the schools, communities, wherever the education was done. The lyrics are below;

Egg promotion Song (English)

Egg-cite your day, egg-cite your day

With an egg a day, with an egg a day

Do not delay, do not delay

For a healthier day, it is a sure day

    Egg-cite your day, with an egg a day

    Egg-cite your day, with an egg a day

    Egg-cite your day, with an egg a day


 Egg-promotion Song (Twi)

Gyewani nn3, gyewani nn3

Di kosuabaako, di kosuabaako

Mma ntwentw3n so, mma ntwentw3n so

Akyinyenni ho, 3boa w’apomden

 Gyewani nn3, di kosuabaako

Gyewani nn3, di kosuabaako

Gyewani nn3, di kosuabaako

Time with the Fisher folk Community

The Association also visited the Fisher folk community of Elmina to sensitize them about the need to include Egg in their diets. Here there was the need to correct the misconception that the Fish protein was enough for their good health.

The meeting began at 10:40am on 21st November, 2017 with an opening prayer after which the WIPVaC team was introduced. Also in attendance was Madam Comfort Acheampong of AMPLIFIES Ghana.

She briefly addressed the gathering with these words, “There is the need for poultry chickens and eggs to be healthy. However, a lot of misconceptions have arisen from the misunderstanding of the health benefits of the egg. Our aim is to educate people of all groups about the benefits of eggs including for consumption, for beautifying the skin, hair growth among others”.

Mr. Brako, the Nutritionist came up with his session which included learning of the Twi version of the theme song followed by the education on Egg consumption. Below are some of the key notes from his address;

  • The Egg keeps the eye, brain and the whole body in check.
  • Egg diet prevents loss of memory (forgetfulness).
  • Pregnancy state calls for more eating of eggs since both the mother and the baby need the eggs to strengthen their bodies.
  • There is also the need to eat healthy foods devoid of too much oil
  • Also desist from bad lifestyles like cigarette smoking, drinking etc.

After the address, a time of questions was allowed where many questions were asked;

  • “Boiled or fried egg, which one is better for consumption?”
  • “Is it true that egg causes high blood pressure?”
  • “Is the yolk of the egg good for consumption”
  • “Can a five month year old baby eat egg?”
  • “Can raw egg be eaten?”
  • “Can other things be added to the egg for consumption e.g. vegetables?”
  • “What kind of egg can be eaten?”

Here also, some eggs were distributed to the fisher folk who received them gladly.

Visitation to Cluster of Schools

The schools were the first point of call for the education. On Tuesday, 21st November 2017, three clusters of schools in Central Region were visited by the Association. 23 schools in all (See Table 3below). Prior to this, the Association met with Ghana Education Service to organize the meetings through the Circuit Supervisors.

All the clusters were educated on the health benefits of eating eggs and the need to eat them regularly by Mr. Seth Brako, the Nutritionist. After the education, there was a round of questions which they asked. To these questions, Mr. Brako gave simple and easy to understand answers. They were also taught how to sing the Egg promotion song.

At the end of the programs, boiled eggs were distributed to the students and the teachers to start the egg eating journey.

Table 4: Schools in attendance for the egg consumption sensitization programme

1. Elmina 1.Sharrif Islamic Primary

2. Elmina Catholic Girls’ Primary A/B

3. Elmina Catholic Boys Primary

4. Akotobinsin Methodist Primary

5. Elmina M/A Primary A/B

6. Etsipa Memorial Mehodist

7. Bronyibima M/A Primary

8. St. James Anglican Primary A

9. St. James Anglican Primary B

450 Nana KwabenaGyan Square
2 Ayensudo 1.Ampenyi School

2.Brenu Akyinim

3.D.B.E Primary A

4.Ayensudo M/A

5.D.B.E. Primary B

6.Ayensudo AME Zion

7. Ayensudo Islamic School


300 Ayensudo Islamic School
3 Komenda 1. Komenda M/A Primary A/B

2. Ghasel M/A Primary A/B

3. Aldersgate Methodist Primary A/B

4. Komenda Anglican Primary

5. College Practice Schools

6. Dunwell Methodist, Komenda

7. Dutch Komenda Catholic Primary

300 Komenda Anglican School


Sensitization Program

In support of the third agenda of the AMPLIFIES project which seeks to promote the consumption of eggs and also to increase the patronage of eggs they produce, WIPVaC-Apex embarked on sensitization programs towards promoting egg consumption