Project Details

2020 Undertaken Projects

As part of its objectives for the year, the Association embarked on various projects such as the   Advocacy project on ECOWAS Veterinary Pharmaceutical Protocol sponsored by BUSAC fund with support from its donors DANIDA and USAID, the USDA-GPP funded project on Economic Empowerment through the establishment of Entrepreneurship Savings and Loans Group (ESLG) for 30 women groups.

During the year under review, the Association through the support of GPP and other organizations and the commitment of both members and Executives achieved goals including pushing for the speedy implementation of the ECOWAS Veterinary Pharmaceutical  Protocol in Ghana through Parliamentary Select Committee Engagement, establishing of  ESLG Groups in some of the regional chapters (Accra, Kumasi and Sunyani), rolled out the Pullet Outgrower Supply project to the Central regional chapter and embarked on Egg donation and sensitization.

The Association was also represented at various occasions including:

  1. Women In Food and Agriculture Expo (WOFAGRIC)
  2. 10th Annual Pre harvest,
  3. 2nd Livestock, Poultry and Fisheries Tradeshow
  4. Capacity Building training sessions.

Apart from these, the Association also donated crates of eggs and distributed free boiled eggs to the Pantang Hospital and Accra Psychiatric Hospital to earmark the 2020 World Egg Day Celebration.

Below are the links to these publications:

  1. https://www.graphic.com.gh/business/business-news/implement-ecowas-veterinary-pharmaceutical-protocol-in-livestock-sector.html
  2. https://www.myjoyonline.com/business/agribusiness/implement-ecowas-veterinary-pharmaceutical-protocol-in-livestock-sector-women-in-poultry-value-chain/
  3. https://mobile.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/business/Implement-ECOWAS-Veterinary-Pharmaceutical-Protocol-in-livestock-sector-968998

Gallery Pictures

Poultry Management Training-Veterinarians Without Borders (Vwb) Canada

VWB Trainers lecturing participants

Cross section of participants at the training

Farmer Based Organisation Training -Adentan Municipal Assembly

Mr. Kwadjo Fynn (AdMA) educating members

Cross section of members at the training

International Women’s Day Celebration (Iwd)

Recognition of outstanding women within the value chain

Radio discussion on the IWD 2020

Egg donation at Frafraha Orphanage on IWD 2020

Busac Fund Activity: Ecowas Veterinary Pharmaceutical Protocol

Group discussion at Dialogue meeting

TV discussion on the ECOWAS Vet. Pharm. Protocol

Egg Glut Campaign

Donation of eggs as part of campaign against egg glut

Livestock And Fisheries Tradeshow

Deputy Min for Fisheries & Aquaculture, COP for GPP at WIPVaC stand

World Egg Day Celebration

Egg donation to Hospitals and Media Houses to mark 2020 World Egg Day


Share Purchase meeting for ESLG group in Sunyani

ESLG Training in Accra

National Farmers Day Celebration

WIPVaC-Apex members receiving recognition at the 2020 National Farmers Day