Award-Winning Ceremony

As an important session of the summit, awards were given to women who had played instrumental roles in the Agricultural industry in Ghana.

It was an honour when the National President of WIPVaC-Apex, Madam Victoria Norgbey, was presented with an award and acknowledged for her great and selfless inputs in the Poultry industry in Ghana. After the presentation, she partook in a panel discussion on the theme, “Contribution of Women to Agriculture Value Chain Development in Ghana.”

USAID Financing Ghanaian Agriculture Project (USAID FinGap) Summit On Women In Agriculture Development

Overview of the Project / Summit

The USAID Financing Ghanaian Agriculture Project (USAID FinGAP) is a five-year project(2013-2018) with the goal of facilitating finance and investment in the maize, rice and soy supply and value chains in the North of Ghana, and improving ancillary services so that agribusinesses can operate at full capacity and expand levels of food security in the country. USAID FinGAPprovides technical assistance and incentives to unlock significant financing for agribusiness through partnerships with strategic investors and buyers of maize, rice and soy. The project is contributing to USAID’s overall goal of fostering broad-based, sustained and inclusive economic growth in Ghana. USAID FinGAP supports USAID|Ghana’s activities in the United States Government’s Feed the Future strategy which aims to establish commercially-driven agricultural development services critical to sustainably reducing food insecurity and poverty. USAID FinGAP is also contributing to the joint efforts by USAID and the Government of Ghana to address the major constraints to Ghana’s economic growth, including the development of financial sector infrastructure and increasing small, medium including large enterprises’ (SMiLEs’) access to finance. USAID FinGAPis pursuing the development of alternative sources of financing for SMiLEs through the listing of debt or equity securities on the Ghana Alternative Market (GAX). Additionally, the project deploys technical assistance, either directly or indirectly, through Business Advisory Service (BAS) providers to the financial sector to increase investments in agribusinesses within the three value chains and works with SMiLEs to increase their capacity to access financing.

Thus, this Summit focused on Women in Agriculture Development. It was held on 5th December, 2017 at the Movenpick Ambassadors Hotel, Accra from 8:00am – 4:00pm under the theme, “Women at the Frontier of Agribusiness Development: Finance and Business Support for Enhanced Food Security”.

The purpose of the Summit is to highlight the contribution of women in the development of agriculture value chains, particularly the maize, rice and soy value chains and resultant impact on increased production, enhanced food security and economic growth in Ghana.

WIPVaC-Apex was represented at this ceremony by Mrs. Victoria Norbey (National President), Mavis Woobil (National Secretary and President of the Central Region Chapter), Patricia Dzesu (National Assistant Organizer) and Priscilla Araba Mensah (Office Assistant)

Multi Sectorial Consultative Workshop On Meat Inspection Regulations

Overview of the workshop

The Meat Regulation workshop is a stakeholder’s engagement organized by the Veterinary Services Directorate under the auspices of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Export Alliance.

The workshop seeks to achieve the following objectives;

  • To scrutinize the drafted Meat Regulation before it gets to the House of Parliament for legislation.
  • To make more inputs and effect alterations.
  • To produce a workable document.

The workshop took place on 29th November 2017 at the Mensvic Palace Hotel at 8:00am with key stakeholders including the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), Ghana Police, WIPVaC-Apex, Veterinary Services Directorate, Ghana Poultry Project, Butchers Association and the Attorney General’s Department.