Project Details

The Ghana Poultry Project (GPP) is a USDA funded initiative geared towards increasing productivity in the poultry sector. It has a mission to create new opportunities for women along the Poultry Value Chain to stimulate sustainable businesses for the benefit of society. The GPP has sponsored a matching grant for the Apex Body of Women In Poultry Value Chain for a pullet outgrower programme. The project has supplied 4,500 day old chicks with inputs for raising pullets up to 16 weeks where members will sell. In response to this, GPP in collaboration with Apex Body of Women In Poultry Value Chain (WIPVaC-APEX) seeks

  1. Provide technical support in layer management for women within the Poultry Value Chain.


  1. Facilitate Business Advisory services to  the women in the Poultry Value Chain


  1. Facilitate market access, networking and branding services to the women group

In addition, the project seeks to implement capacity building activities for agribusiness organizations working in the poultry sector to increase productivity for the Ghanaian poultry farmers, add value and increase efficiency in the Ghanaian poultry value chain and improve quality of Ghanaian poultry products. Wipvac-Apex has organised several capacity building projects in respect of this project.

  1. Group Dynamics training to build capacity of the Leaders
  2. Sustainable Poultry Management Techniques
  3. Poultry Health and Biosecurity

Mrs. Victoria Norgbey (National President) Educating participants during Group dynamics training


Poultry Management (Husbandry) training in Greater Accra