Project Details


One of the major developmental challenges facing Ghana is inability to be self-sufficient in feeding   its increasing population with the right proportion of animal protein. Yet livestock provides livelihoods to many poor farmers, consumers, traders and laborers. While livestock could offer a cheap way of meeting the animal protein needs of citizens, the level of productivity in Ghana is not commensurate with demand, leading to supply deficits. This deficit is met either by cheap frozen chicken imports or over-reliance on transhumance of Fulani herdsmen from the Sahel for domestic meat needs. Mindful of the negative impacts that inadequate livestock regulatory regime and poor implementation of livestock policies in Ghana have on sustainability and profitability of the livestock industry in Ghana, the Apex Body of Women in Poultry Value Chain (WIPVaC) seeks to advocate for speedy implementation of existing livestock sector policies. Specifically, it seeks to promote implementation of the ECOWAS Veterinary Pharmacy Protocol in Ghana. With support from the BUSAC Fund, WIPVaC has instituted a research into the status of the ECOWAS Veterinary Pharmacy Protocol implementation in Ghana. The objective of the project is to obtain evidence to support the enactment of livestock regulations in Ghana, in line with the ECOWAS Veterinary Pharmacy Protocol. As part of the project, an Advocacy training was organised (by BUSAC) which was attended by representatives of the ten regional chapters of WIPVaC-Apex. The training sort to equip members

  • to understand the concept and practice of advocacy.
  • learn to dialogue effectively
  • to advocate effectively using the media
  • understand the impact of collaboration for effective negotiation
  • understand Parliamentary processes and bill passing cycle.

Additionally, a Stakeholder workshop was organised to bring on board all key Stakeholders with regards to the protocol and also to deliberate on the way forward in the operationalization of the ECOWAS Veterinary Pharmaceutical Protocol in Ghana.

Group work discussions during Stakeholder workshop

A group pose of participants at Stakeholder workshop

Participants present at the Stakeholder workshop

Role play by participants at Advocacy training

Trainers during Advocacy training

Group photograph of Trainers and participants at Advocacy training